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13-04-2013 Scream Music Presents: INSIDE INFO [UK], COMPUTERARTIST [CZ] |INQ|

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Już 13 kwietnia Scream Music oraz klub INQbator zapraszają na kolejną
imprezę z cyklu Scream Music Presents w wydaniu Neurofunk'owym.
Podczas tej edycji będziemy gościć wielu znakomitych producentów oraz Djów.
Headlinerem tej imprezy będzie INSIDE INFO z UK, wydający w takich
wytwórniach jak Viper, Virus, Hospital czy Blu Mar Ten. Będziemy również
mieli okazję usłyszeć dwóch znakomitych czeskich producentów, takich jak
miejsce w kategorii talent roku oraz Qo, który również w tej kategorii
zajął pierwsze miejsce w 2012 roku. Podczas tej imprezy zagra JAE OVERTECH
z UK, którego występ mogliśmy usłyszeć podczas grudniowej imprezy Scream
Music w INQ. Dla wszystkich, którzy na tej bibe będą poszukiwać
mocniejszych dźwięków nie będą mieli okazji do narzekania ponieważ zagra
dobrze wszystkim znany producent z Wrocławia – BRAINPAIN, który również na
drugiej sali zaprezentuje swój set experymentalny promując projekt – YAKOOB.
Na supporcie zagra i pokrzyczy Krzyku [Scream Music, inq.pl]

Line up:
Main Stage [DNB, Neurofunk, Darkside, Techstep]:

INSIDE INFO [Viper, Virus, Hospital, Blu Mar Ten, Ganja-Tek] – UK

COMPUTERARTIST [Disturbed, Forbidden Society, Close 2 Death] – CZ

Qo [Citrus, Disturbed, Trust in Music, Close 2 Death] – CZ

BRAINPAIN [Nekrolog1k, Union, Future Sickness, Section 8] - PL

JAE OVERTECH [C2D, Overtech Recordings, Therapy Sessions] - UK

KRZYKU [ScreamMusic.pl, inq.pl] PL

Hosted by INNATE MC [Catapult / Overtech Recordings / C2D REC.] [UK]

Bar Stage [Experymental, Dubstep, Breaks] :

Yakoob [Austerity, ION, Nekrolog1k, Future Sickness, Section 8] - PL]

ZAP aka LoopyMonsta [DGL_TEAM]


Sibi b2b Set
Viper, Metro, Virus, Hospital, Trust In Music, Breed 12 Inches, Blu Mar Ten,
Critical, Subsonik Sound, Ganja-Tek, Steam, Horizons,
Sucked into the innovative sounds at an early age, it wasn’t long before
Inside Info, or Paul to his friends, began to become infatuated with broken
beats and, after receiving a copy of ‘Rave ‘92’ as a Christmas present,
began to delve deeper into the world of dance music:
Forming a partnership with a friend, the name Inside Info started out as a
duo, they worked hard in the studio and landed themselves a show on Origin
FM where they would play their new tracks, getting feedback instantly from
the hordes of D&B fans tuning in each week. After a while the partnership
went their separate ways, and Paul kept on the Inside Info name, taking out
a loan to buy a proper studio setup and diving headfirst into his production,
mixing up all the different sounds he loves and wrapping it in Tech.
It wasn’t long before this unique tracks caught the ear of one DJ Hype,
and his first release, ‘Concentrate’ b/w ‘Rumble On Signal’ was snapped up
for his Ganja-Tek label.
Since that fateful signing, Inside Info’s tunes have been at the forefront
of many a major player’s box, with tracks signed to a selection of fine
labels, including Viper, Metro, Trust In Music, Blu Mar Ten, Critical,
Breed12Inches, Horizons, Subsonik Sound and Mainframe. If you want our
trading tip, you’ll want to be picking up some Inside Info bits for your box,
Disturbed / Trust In Music / Forbidden Society / Ammunition / Close 2 Death
Mindtech / Dangerous New Age / Fatality / Overtech / Deafmuted / Culture Assault
Marek Vehovsky is a young talented producer as well as a DJ in one person.
He comes from North Moravia, city of Havirov - to be more precise. The very
beginning of his career as a producer is dated in 2008 when he, charmed with
broken beats and dark sound of the neurofunk producers (SPOR,NOISIA,PHACE, etc.),
began to create his own pieces by taking after his idols. At first he sent the
world a word in 2009 thanks to the demoversion of the piece Epistasis the result
of the cooperation with his friends Qo and Equid. From this point, with the
growing quality of his tunes he rapidly achieved to get well known in public,
not only in his motherland but not much later also abroad.
Afterwards, he was given an opportunity to make a free release for the Italian label
CULTURE ASSAULT. We could hear the AURORA track,
which also appeared in the Demolition Room mix for BREED12INCHES by Liam Tallon,
on this release. The beginning of 2010 brought
another release in form of the famous CHALLENGE THE GOD remix by PSYEK. It came
out as a part of the Czech label DEAFMUTED and it took the 4th place in CZECH
DRUMANDBASS AWARDS 2009 as the best piece of the year. 2010 was also the year
when he began to present his production as a DJ in various Moravian clubs.
Then, as the icing of the cake came the offer to participate in the Fabric club
10th anniversary together with famous DJs like AUDIO, FUTUREBOUND and DRUMSOUND.
Year 2011 brings another releases on labels such as CLOSE 2 DEATH, AMMUNITION
RECORDINGS or FATALITY RECORDINGS to name a few. Another success came in form
of winning CZECH DRUM AND BASS AWARDS 2010 in talent of the year category.
Year 2012 was mainly about playing at all king of gigs like LET IT ROLL,
Nevertheless another succesfull releases came out on labels such as DISTURBE
on DESSERT by german NEONLIGHT which was a great success for him. Beggining
of the 2013 will bring release of Distress Signal remix on DISTURBED RECORDINGS,
THE SPELL on czech imprint DEAFMUTED and a lot more.
Qo [CZ]
Citrus, Disturbed, Close 2 Death, Trust In Music, Overtech, Abducted, Mindtech,
Austerity, Black Seeds, Dangerous New Age, Fatality
Petr Vicher aka Qo is an upcoming drum and bass dj and producer from Czech
drum and bass scene. His first contact with mighty sound of drum and bass
are dated somewhere around 2001/2002, a "golden era" of drum and bass - as
he said. It was time of techstep duo Konflict, which was (and still is) one
of his biggest influences.
Workin on his own sound for years, building his name with releases on Close 2
Death, Trust In Music, and Disturbed, in 2011 he finally get a debut 12"
release of tracks "Infected" and "War Stomp" on one of most iconic labels of
drum and bass - netherlands Citrus Recordings. From this time, his sound is
defined somewhere between techstep and neurofunk - hardhittin', full-of-bass-
facerippin' techy drum and bass. He also gained succes with his next single
"Distress Signal" (with vocals from Hostile MC) and "Total Control" on
Qo has received dj support from the big names such as Optical, Ed Rush, BSE,
Chris Renegade, Smooth, Optiv, Phace, Chris.Su and others.
Nowadays, he is working on a few new tracks, both solo and collaborations
with czech and foreign producers.
Stay Tuned!
Nekrolog1k, Future Sickness, Section 8, Culture Assault, Ultragore, Sustained,
Ego1st, Wicky Lindows, Austerity, Abducted, BF, Dubsaw
Brainpain played at Therapy Sessions parties, Avant Art Festival, PRSPCT
night, Asymmetry Festival, Brave Festival and many, many more...
New Myspace:
To those watching the global Neurofunk Drum & Bass scene, Jae Overtech is
rapidly becoming a household name.
Having founded Overtech Recordings in 2010, Jae was quickly recognized by
veteran label Close 2 Death Recordings as a new force to be reckoned with.
In a mere two years since then, Jae developed Overtech Recordings into one
of the most recognized and exciting brands in Drum & Bass.
Utilizing his tastemaker instincts, Jae and Overtech Recordings helped break
many new & promising artists in the Neurofunk DNB game incuding High Maintenance,
Nais, Joe Ford, and Ophlot, to name only few.
In the DJ booth, Jae's next-level mixing skills continued to stun listeners
in his imaginative sets and highly anticipated mixes/podcasts (including a
hugely successful appearance on the elusive NeurofunkGrid Talents Mix),
cementing his position as one of the most gifted DJs on the scene.
2012 has been a massive year for Jae Overtech. Having formed a close working
relationship with Close 2 Death, 2012 saw Jae take the helm as Co-Owner and
A&R of C2D, and the beginning of a partnership between C2D and Overtech
Recordings known as Deathtech Music Group.
Jae also formed alliances with other big names in the European drum and bass
scene, including Therapy Sessions UK and Diamond Society Music Agency.
He has headlined events alongside some of the biggest artists in the game in
the UK and across Europe, including Jade, Billain, Calyx, Neonlight, Aeph,
Xilent, Forbidden Society, and Maztek - to only name a few.
The close of 2012 Jae Overtech became instated as Artist Manager and signed
Exclusively to Close 2 Death, Overtech Recordings & The Deathtech Music Group
Int Company (Ukraine), Human Error (Belgium), Morphtek (Serbia) & Defazed (UK),
in which he promises to ensure each artist reaches great heights on 2013.
2013 promises to be an even bigger year for Jae Overtech, as Overtech Recordings
and C2D continue along their path to world domination. Keep your eyes peeled...
Dj, Beatboxer oraz promotor. Współzałożyciel grupy The Quiet Killers.
Beatboxem zajmuje się od 2004 roku za sprawą którego zafascynował się muzyką
Od 2009 roku związany klubem Inqbator , w którym organizuje imprezy z cyklu
„Dygresja w szarości”, „Subsistenz Night”, „Open Decks”, oraz „ Beatbox Jam”
oraz Scream Music Presents, na których gościł takich artystów jak: Current
Value, Audio, Cooh, The Sect, Dean Rodell, Forbidden Society, No Money,
Allied, Dry-Rot oraz wielu innych..
W 2011r. zaczyna współpracę z Rafałem Klimczukiem (perkusista) oraz Piotrem
Olszewski (basista) tworząc grupę The Quiet Killers grając improwizowaną
muzykę w klimacie dnb, drumstep, dubstep oraz breakbeat i glitch hop.
W 2012r zamienia swoją pasję również w pracę, otwierając firmę Scream Music
(www.screammusic.pl) mającą na celu organizacje imprez, nagłaśnianiem [10kW],
wypożyczaniem sprzętu Dj’skiego oraz prowadzeniem warsztatów beatbox'owych i
Jego sety charakteryzują się szybkim miksem w klimacie Neurofunk, Darkside
oraz Techstep przeplatany Beatbox’em tworząc dzięki temu swój swój
specyficzny styl.
Grał w klubach w całej Polsce oraz wiele razy w Czechach i Słowacji.
Grał na takich festiwalach jak: Let It Roll Open Air Polska 2012, Therapy
Session Poland 2012, Therapy Session 2012 [CZ], Plener Festiwal 2011, 2012,
Slot ART Festival 2012, Próba Dźwięku 2012,
Supportował takich artystów jak: Machine Code, Current Value, Audio, COOH,
Dean Rodell, Dj Hidden, The Sect, The Panacea, Beardyman, Trasher,
Switch Technique, Bad Company, Katharsys, C4C, Forbidden Society,
Dub Elements, O.S.T.R., Camo & Krooked, Prolix, Serial Killaz, Drumsound,
Simon Bassline Smith, Cyantific, Reso, C.Phone/No Money, Allied, B-Complex,
Xilent, Kulak, Morebeat, Bifidus Aktivní, Dry-Rot, Brainpain, Radikal Guru
oraz wielu innych..
Being introduced to jungle/d’n’b at the age of about 9 – VIA the likes of
Jungle Mania CD’s and Dreamscape tape packs was pretty much how it all began
for Innate. By the time Innate was in High School, he had taken to many
different types of underground music from ‘garage’ to ‘grime’ and ‘jungle
to d’n’b’. At the age of 12-13 Innate was already writing lyrics and spending
most of his free time round friend’s house’s mixing on his mate’s decks and
perfecting his style on the mic. It wasn’t until 2004/5 that Innate really
became familiar with the darker, tech sounds of d’n’b. Really taking to that
type of sound it was then that Innate knew which route he needed/wanted to
take in the d’n’b scene. Whilst many other MC’s tended to be more versatile
with what sound they were affiliated with – Innate was always going to stick
with what he now loved – hosting for the more darker, futuristic d’n’b
(neurofunk) /artist’s. By the time Innate reached 18, He was often a major
player in many local d’n’b events, helping many local promoters with their
event’s, line up’s etc and also building relationships with vast amounts of
people/artist’s in the d’n’b scene. Having hosted for the likes of-
BLACK SUN EMPIRE // JADE // Plus also being JAE OVERTECH'S 'Host of Choice'
Innate has built up his reputation around the UK and Europe as one of the
UK’s freshest Neurofunk/Tech DnB Host MC’s. .

Ceny biletów w przedsprzedaży:
od 05.03 do 13.03 - 10zł
od 14.03 do 31.03 - 15zł
od 01.04 do 11.04 - 20zł
w dniu imprezy - 25zł

Przedsprzedaż - wpłata na konto:
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W przypadku płacenia za większą ilość osób, imiona i nazwiska wszystkich osób.
W dniu imprezy prosze przybyć do klubu z dowodem tożsamości.
Numer Rachunku: 66 1050 1302 1000 0090 9570 4707
Odbiorca: Scream Music - Rafał Krzykała

Start 22:00 / Koniec 6:00
INQbator club / KATOWICE ul. Dworcowa 2
+48 668 372 433 | kaja@inq.pl
www.inq.pl | www.myspace.com/inqbator
Facebook : INQbator klub
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