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RA.EX074 Riva Starr

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RA.EX074 Riva Starr

The Italian producer gets sober about his party-ready house.

Riva Starr runs into a bit of trouble sometimes. Too pop for the underground, too underground for the mainstream. But that's just the way that he likes it. His motto? Don't follow the rules—make 'em. The Italian producer started with drum & bass, made his way to breakbeats under the name Madox and finally got to house just as he was touching down in London and adopting the moniker that has made him famous. Inspired by the way Jesse Rose and Claude VonStroke were injecting a bit of fun into the genre, Starr's productions have been typified by a tongue-in-his-cheek and an ear that wanders around the world in search of new sounds. This has led to huge success, and a massive amount of touring, but when we met up with him recently, he talked about the downside of all of this—how his infectious tracks often doesn't get a great deal of respect from "serious" music fans.

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