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27-09-2008 Wuh with Edmund(ES), Pulp, Nao6 @ Prozak (Krk)

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27 09 2008, Sobota
Club Prozak - Krakow

Jackin house - Chicago house - Deep House

Edmund (ES)
(Connected Musik, Kolour, Pe!Music, 3AM, ...)

DJ Pulp

(Pe!Music, Kolour, Union, Uniform, ...)


Native of San Sebastian, in the province of Guipuzcoa, Edmund begins his career as dj in the year 2000, always in constant musical evolution and having gig in many of the rooms of his around...

In 2001 founds in company of other deejays of the zone Tritone Productions across which it tries to give a new musical option to San Sebastian's night, doing events in different rooms of the city, mixing different electronic styles.

His sets are souding 100% Deep and Funky House, and shows what he is be able to do, delighting even to the most demanding ears. His elegance and musical taste fuse giving like proved fresh and new sounds joined dynamic and surrounding paces, mixing tracks of such artists as Inland Knights, Kinky Movement, Joey Youngman, Jay-J, Fred Everything, Miguel Migs...to name a few..

In all these years Edmund has been resident deejay of different rooms and discotheques of the north zone as: Rockstar, Privee, Go-Jam, Awake Group, or Zurriola, sharing nights with important figures like Jeff Bennett, Marcel Janovsky, Steve Bug, Tom Clark, Glowing Glisses, Jaumetic, Sergei, Iñaki Marin, Tobi Neumann, Matthias Schaffhauser, Freestyle Man, Jose Luis Magoya, Jesus Gonzalez, Miguel Mendoza, between others..

In the year 2002 Edmund begins to represent to the Global Music Deejay Agency and later throughout 2003 he is employed at it helping in the work of organization of events in important rooms as Jam (Bergara), up to ut dissolution at the end of 2004.

At the beginning of the same year 2004 is when Edmund decides to overturn in the world of the musical production, and after a little time his first EP was born "Edmund-Fusion Of Sounds " through the american record label Grab Recordings where are part artists so known in the House scene as Troydon, JT.Donaldson..
This first EP had a great welcome being recommended by Demarkus Lewis in different pages of Internet as B-Side and even it was reviewed in the prestigious american magazine XR8L by James Curd from Greenskeepers..

Showing a little more electronic side the following EP was titled "Edmund - Deepfeel" and this time from the hand of Huron Records. One of tracks included in this EP, "It´s", was licensed for a compilation titled native of ibiza "Global Ibiza Radio: Island Grooves "through the spanish House Park label and where they included tracks of artists like Dj Ino, (House Music Coffee), Solar Sides (Inmaculate Records) or Ernesto Altes (Short Records, Extremly House Music)

In 2006, after other Ep's coming in american labels and after include remixes in european labels as Pe!Music, Connected Musik was born.. A own label through Edmund tries to give his own House Music vision, and where is going to put out his own productions with remixes of national and international producers like:

Mario Fabriani aka Joey Youngman (Fetish Recordings, Jackin Tracks, Tango, Om)
The Candy Dealers aka Jay West (Flavor Recordings, Drop Music, Pilot Recordings)
Tommy Largo (Guesthouse, Tango..)
Natasza and Oscarsix (Pe!Music, I Love Deep, 3am..)
Spur, (Celebrity Records, Onethrirty Recordings..)
Kirby (Chillin, Elevation, ..)
Damien Bailey (Special Interest, Drop Music, Phobic..)
Tommy Largo (Guesthouse, Tango..)
Bobby and Klein aka Vinz and Giom (Amenti Music, Control, Aroma)
Emil Lanne (Blockhead Recordings, Onethirty)
Funktransplant (Pilot, Soulfully Yours..)
Dj Lazz (GreenHouse Records, Sunbass Records),
Da Funk (Acryl Music, Pesto Music, Mimosa Recordings)
Ruben Alvarez de 2 Bros of Soul (MoD Productions, Choice Recordings.)
Replika (Nightlight Music, SmokeStack Records, Chillin Music)
Ernesto Altes y Guillermo Morro (Short Records, Extremly House Music, D-press..)

Connected Musik's successive releases, sounded in well known deejays / producers sessions in the House scene: From Mark Farina, Sean Dimitrie, Da Sunlounge, Jay West to Dj Freestyle, Kinky Movement, Blacksoul, or Tommy Largo are some of that have used them, even Connected Musik´s tracks have formed part of his charts.

In June, 2007, Edmund creates Road House Digital Studio, like Connected Musik's sublabel, which was taking charge launching Deep / Funky always having on board people of recognized prestige, as example, the first release where you can find remixes from Matthew Bandy (Franchise Player, Swank Records) or forthcoming remixes from Jevne (Onethirty Records, Celebrity), Lucas Keizer (Kolour Recordings)

During all these years effort on work has been what has led Edmund to being remixed by several of the most wanted names in the international scene, to publishing in labels of recognized prestige in different continents: Clubstar, Grab Recording, Kolour, Onethirty, 3Am, and to be part of so important compilations as Pacha Ibiza, Clubstar Winter Sampler or Ryralio Café, Pearl Lounge between others.

And.. Now, with the recently Soulsessions booking management addition, having some different alias to produce different styles of House Music (Virtual Funk, Deep Dive, WC Bros) with eps and remixes coming through record labels of different countries, and doing at the same time a influenced by Funk and Jazz , House and Lounge LP for next months, Edmund is possibly in one of the best moments of his career.

Edmund Discography:

Out now:
Edmund-Fusion Of Sounds EP (Grab Recordings, USA)

Edmund-Deepfeel (Huron Recordings, SP)

Edmund – Jazz flavour EP (Connected Musik 001, SP)
Incl. Mario Fabriani aka Joey Youngman Remix

Edmund feat. Peru–Enjoy the midnight EP (Connected Musik 002, SP)

Edmund – A weekend in the moon EP (Connected Musik 003, SP)
Incl., Dj Lazz, Replika, and Edmund´s Connected with the Moon Remixes

Edmund feat. Peru – Sweet memories EP (Connected Musik 004 SP)
Incl. Da Funk´s Never Forget Remix

Edmund – Good Morning EP (Pe!Music 005, Austria)
Incl. Remixes of Blacksoul, and Natasza & Oscarsix,

Edmund – Bailo por dentro EP (Connected Musik 006, SP)
Incl. Remixes N&O, The Candy Dealers, Ruben Alvarez
Supported by: Giom, Vinz, (Bobby and Klein) Karl Almaria (Bunchlox)
Eric Davenport, Jay Stomp, Tj_K, Jevne (Onethirty)

Connected Musik Sampler Vol.1 (Connected Musik 007, SP)
Incl. Tracks of Virtual Funk, Deep Dive and Ross Warm

Virtual Funk – We like to Funk EP (Connected Musik 008, SP)
Incl. Jevne, Pablo J and James Bledsoe Remixes

Deep Dive – Cocktail EP (Road House Digital Studio 001, SP)
Incl. Matthew Bandy, Virtual Funk and Ross Warm Remixes

Virtual Funk – Magic Affair EP (Road House Digital Studio 002, SP)
Incl Lucas Keizer Remix

Virtual Funk – Keep on rollin (Kolour Digital, USA)
Incl Strakes and Pete Dafeet, Richie Robinson and Marcus Aureluis Rmxs

Virtual Funk – Its too funky (PeMusic 008, Austria)
Incl. Jr From Dallas, Ben Amstrong, and N&O6 Remixes

Edmund – True Love EP (Road House Digital Studio 003, SP)
Incl. Groundholder Remix

Edmund - I have a soul EP (Breakfast Recordings, USA)
Incl Hotel Moodswing Remix

Edmund – Walking to the Show (OneThirty Recordings, USA)
Incl. Andrew Pelan, Emil Lanne, Groundholder and Musical Globe Rmxs

Edmund – Electric Groove EP (3AM Recordings, UK)
Incl. Remixes

Edmund – Slap You Body (Gourmand Music Recordings, Francia)
Incl. Two Deep, Erik Bo, Funk Rockers Remixes

Edmund – The Jocker EP (Connected Musik 009, SP)
Incl. Virtual Funk, Pulaski Park, Da Funk and Spur Remixes

Kolour Remixed EP (Kolour Digital Recordings)
Virtual Funk – Keep on Rollin
Incl Bingo Seat Remix and Nathan Stewart's Treading Water Mix

Edmund – Smooth Jazz EP (Road House Digital Studio 004, SP)
Incl. Damien Bailey Remix (Special Interest)

Natasza and Oscarsixx – One day (Pe!Music 001R, Austria)
One day (Edmund´s Deepstrumental Remix)

Da Funk - Devotion EP (Acryl Music 018, Suiza)
Incl. Edmund´s Devotion For The Funk Remix

Javas – Frogs in the box (PeMusic 004, Austria)
Incl. Edmund´s other kind of frog Remix

Charlie Hotel - Circus Life EP (Breakfast Recordings 005, USA)
Incl. Edmund´s Funky Circus Remix

Natasza & Oscarsix – Our nightlife EP (3am Recordings, UK)
Incl Edmunds Deep Night Remix

Martin Haberland – Funky Situation EP (PeMusic 007, Austria)
Incl. Deep Dive Remix

Emil Lane – Rhythmic Foundation EP (One Thirty Records USA)
Incl. Edmund Definitive Remix

Da Funk – Catch the wave (Acryl Remixes Vol.1, Suiza)
Incl Virtual Funk Remix

DJ Electric feat Simone De Nauw - Sunline EP (Clubstar, Alemania)
Incl. Edmund´s Electronic Sunrise Remix

Pulaski Park – The Good Life (Mimosa Recordings, USA)
Incl. Edmund´s The Good Life I Want Remix

Alex Douche – Rainy Season (Deepology Digital)
Incl Edmund Remix

Tracks appears on:
Hotel Pacha Ibiza: Mixed By Bruno from Ibiza
Edmund – Jazz For Free (Connected Musik Sampler Vol. 1)

Clubstar Family Winter Holidays 2007 Compilation by Henri Kohn
Dj Electric feat. Simone De Nawn – Sunline (Edmunds Electronic Sunrise Rmx)

Ibiza Global Radio: Island Grooves 2CD (HousePark Records)
Edmund - It´s

Edmund – Fantasy (Deepology Sampler)

Habitat Collection: Twilight Digital Edition, (Habitat, USA)
Edmund – A weekend in the moon EP (Connected Musik 003)
(DJ Lazz In The Space Mix)

Ryralio Café Vol 2 (Lituania)
Edmund – Alguien para recordar (Ruben Alvarez Remix) – Connected Musik 006

Flavoritism Volume 1 – Mixed by Jay West (Flavor Recordings, UK)
Edmund – Moved Original Mix (Pe!Music)

Zussen Compilation by Soulsessions
Edmund feat Peru – Sweet Memories (Edmund 2008 Unreleased Remix)

Absolute Pearl Lounge (Ryralio Records)
Edmund – Feels Good
Virtual Funk – Make Your Own

Moscow by Night (Diamond Recordings)
Edmund – Fantasy (Deepology Digital)

Passion Lounge (Clubstar)
Edmund – Alguien para recordar (The Candy Dealers Remix)
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