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20-12-2014 Scream Music Pres: COUNTERSTRIKE & BILLAIN |INQ|

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Scream Music oraz Noise Control zapraszają 20 grudnia do katowickiego INQbatora na imprezę
na której zagra dobrze znany dj oraz producent z Południowej Afryki - COUNTERSTRIKE !
Drugim headlinerem imprezy będzie bardzo zdolny dj/producent z Sarajeva - BILLAIN wydający w
takich labelach jak Critical Music czy Bad Taste. Będzie to jego pierwszy występ w Polsce.
Line up dopełnia ekipa Scream Music z Brainpain'em na czele oraz Noire & XZ32 z Noise Control.

◀ Main Stage [DNB, Neurofunk, Hard DNB] ▶

Counterstrike [SA]
Meth Lab [CZ]
Noire & XZ32

◀ Bar Stage [Breaks, House, Techno, Mash up] ▶

Filip Romański
Kostek79 vs Kostek Jr.
Sibi vs 2cl


Dostępne w punktach sprzedaży Ticketportal

I PULA - 100szt - 20zł
II PULA - 25zł
W dniu imprezy - 30zł

★ Counterstrike ★ South Africa

Algorythm, Moving Shadow, Hollowpoint, Rottun, PRSPCT, Barcode, Human, Freak)

Tactical, international, sensational and confrontational: no dark bass study would be complete without paying serious attention to Counterstrike. Renowned for smelting genres and pushing performance techniques to their limits, they are respected from the deepest, darkest, most discerning corners of the underground right up to some of the biggest labels in electronic music.

Decorated in every aspect of the industry, this unique London/Prague-based partnership has excelled as producers, performers, promoters and label owners since the late 90s. They currently boast over 100 releases on labels as rich and diverse as Dim Mak and Moving Shadow. Many of these releases have achieved Beatport D&B Top 10 and Beatport Main Top 20 status and have enjoyed full support from respected taste makers such as Mary Anne Hobbs, Black Sun Empire, Tech Itch, Dieselboy and John B.

This year alone they’ve torn up dancefloors in over 15 different countries from Russia to Greece to Mexico. As the founders of Algorythm Recordings and Counterstrike Recordings, they’ve hosted label parties across Europe to South Africa and signed material from some of the most ground-breaking, agenda-setting artists in action such as Audio, Limewax and The Panacea. Just like their own material, no releases on their labels go by without denting the download charts.

To understand this ever-increasing list of conquests and achievements, it’s wise to understand a little about their inspiration and determination: In 1995 Justin Scholtmeyer made a pilgrimage to London from his home base in Cape Town after hearing a jungle mixtape. Heading straight for the source, he landed a job at London’s most revered club The End where he became anointed by the stark sermons of Renegade Hardware. Exporting mixtapes back to his long-standing partner in grime Eaton Crous, a London/Cape Town pact was founded. When Justin returned to Cape Town, the duo established Homegrown. Heralded as the birthplace of South African drum & bass, their parties attained church-like status during its 100 party, 10 year lifetime where genre-defining guests were welcome from all corners, from Pendulum to Dieselboy to Camo & Krooked.

From their Homegrown roots Counterstrike’s crossbreed meld of drum & bass, dubstep, gabber and raw, undiluted bass has scored fans around the world. First signed to Allied Recordings in 2001, their prolific production regime expanded onto myriad agenda-setting imprints such as PRSPCT, Rottun, Human Imprint, Barcode, Evol Intent, Dim Mak, Obscene, Moving Shadow and many more. This consistency and range ensured them both national and international spotlights that have proceeded to get brighter and brighter as the years go by.

Now boasting a wider sonic scope than ever before, both Counterstrike releases and performances reference everything that’s exciting about contemporary electronic music. From their original uncompromising tech-entrenched D&B to dubstep and neuro, they pull inspirations from every corner and twist them with their own distinctive, hard-nosed motifs. Naturally there’s no better place to experience this furious fusion than their live performances; now armed with a mesmerising audio/visual show that incorporates next-level technologies to fuse unique graphics to every track, every switch, and even every frequency, Counterstrike have upped their game once again. Tactical, international, sensational and confrontational… Counterstike’s dark bass studies continue at a rapid pace. It’s time to pay serious attention.

★ BILLAIN ★ Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Critical Music, Rise, Audio, Bad Taste Recordings, SyndromeAudio, Citrus Recordings, Breed12Inches, Close2Death Recordings, Fatality Recs.

Living through the unimaginable reality of war in his home city of Sarajevo instilled a sense of the sometimes warped and surreal nature of humanity within Billain. His experience through this time melded with the diverse and unusual influences of his youth; comprising figures such as Stanley Kubrick, David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, Katsuhiro Otomo and the amorphous brooding music from numerous Anime movies. He found his first expression of the exploration of his own ideas through visual arts – sketching and painting them into existence. However, it soon became apparent to him that the visual medium was not enough by itself; and in 1997 Billain started to explore the realms of music production, with the intention of further enabling the transcription of his complex vision into reality. Schooling himself in the techniques and theories of music production led him initially to Techno; with influences coming from a variety of sources, including Iannis Xenakis, Stockhausen, Aphex Twin, The Prodigy and early Metalheadz releases. But again, after producing several hundred Techno tracks, he found himself tracked within the confines of the genre and started to itch for something different. Everything changed upon hearing Ed Rush & Optical’s legendary ‘Wormhole’ LP – merging successfully the worlds of Techno and DnB. Finally, Billain’s direction had changed forever.

In the year 2000, Billain became a part of the legendary Sarajevo DnB collective known as ‘Kontra’. This entity brought some of the finest artists in DnB history to his country for the first time – including Matrix & Optical, Optiv, Teebee, Stakka and Skynet, Corrupt Souls and many more. His own DnB production started to emerge around this time, initially just for his own enjoyment and development. But after a tragic hardware failure, and the loss of his work to that point, he set to reinvigorating his creative process – exploring new and exciting sounds and re-emerging on the other side stronger than ever. His creative vision and complex sound design started to get noticed by major companies such as New York’s Q Department; which led to him taking on new film, documentary and advertising projects.

As a result of his ever-increasing internet exposure, the world started to awaken to the fresh and unusual sound of Billain. Initial signings and 12” releases came on DnB labels Breed and

C2D, and after further development of his sound; he grabbed the attention of established Dutch labels Syndrome Audio, Citrus, and the London labels Rise Audio and Bad Taste. The International DnB community also started taking note, with regular plays from the likes of Tech Itch, Audio, Ed Rush, Cause4Concern, Concord Dawn, Teebee, Phace, Misanthrop and Allied amongst others.

Despite a vast number of requests for bookings and his considerable abilities as a DJ, Billain prefers to keep his sonic pursuits as his main priority; dedicating the significant majority of his time to production and hand picking the shows he plays. But this hasn’t stopped him sharing stages worldwide with artists such as Calyx, Bad Company, Phace, Black Sun Empire, Nocturnal, Loxy, Kryptic Minds, Kulak and TN1 – as well as playing high profile events such as MTV Music Depot, Red Bull showcases, Kontra, Exit Festival, Outlook and LED Festival.

In 2014, demand for Billain is reaching astronomical heights, with his ‘Colossus’ EP on Bad Taste recordings securing him airtime on BBC Radio 1, as well as his debut feature on the
world-renowned UKF platform - leading to colossal numbers of plays on Soundcloud and social media. With this release, and his previous Bad Taste ‘Machine Room (Level Two)’ release alongside Teddy Killerz and Neonlight; this year the bar is being raised to a new level.

Start 22:00 | Koniec 6:00 | Wejście: 20/25/30zł
INQbator club | KATOWICE ul. Dworcowa 2
+48 668 372 433 | kaja@inq.pl
www.inq.pl | www.myspace.com/inqbator
Facebook : INQbator klub
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