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15-05-2010 Trippy Sounds: DINKY, MATTHEW STYLES @ Krakowska 180 - Wrocław

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PostWysłany: 22-04-2010 23:15    Temat postu: 15-05-2010 Trippy Sounds: DINKY, MATTHEW STYLES @ Krakowska Odpowiedz z cytatem


Trippy Sounds wraz z ekipa Octopussy zapraszają 15 maja na nietuzinkowe wydarzenie jakim z pewnością jest występ chilijskiej artystki Dinky. Alejandra Iglesias to obecnie jedna z najbardziej pożądanych dj'ek na świecie. Pochwalić się może udziałem na największych festiwalach takich jak Sonar, Sonne Mond Stern czy Mutek oraz występami w najlepszych klubach między innymi Fabric, DC 10 czy Panorama Bar, którego jest rezydentką. Na swoim koncie ma również wiele singli, dwa albumy producenckie oraz kilka świetnych kompilacji takich jak "Get Lost 03" czy wydana dosłownie kilka dni temu nakładem Cocoon Recordings "Musica Libre".
To nie wszystko!
Tego samego wieczoru będziecie mieli przyjemność usłyszeć kolejnego artystę związanego z agencją Crosstown Rebels Matthew Stylesa. Jeżeli do tego wszystkiego dorzucimy jeszcze drugą scenę w klimacie electro-italo-futuro-darkfloor-disco, na której Elektromonter, NoTab oraz 2VV będą promować najnowszą produkcję z katalogu Electropunkz Recordz a pierwszą winylową, to chyba nie znajdzie się osoba, której czegokolwiek zabraknie. Warto dodać, że owy żółty krążek siedzi już 3 tydzień na liście bestsellerów działu "electro" największego sklepu muzycznego Juno Records!
dalej mało?
Nie tylko miłośnicy dobrych dźwięków mogą przybyć tego dnia do industrialnej przestrzeni klubu "Krakowska 180".W tym samym miejscu DJSHOP.PL organizuje "Workshop Day 2010" . Od godziny 10.30 startują wyżej wsponiane warsztaty , pokazy oraz różnego rodzaju prezentacje kierowane przede wszystkim do DJ-i, producentów muzycznych oraz osób interesujących się tematem VJ i LJ. Więcej informacji znajdziecie na stronach http://www.trippysounds.pl oraz http://www.workshopday2010.djshop.pl/. Zapraszamy!

data: Sobota - 15.05.2010
miejsce: KRAKOWSKA 180 - Wrocław, Al.Krakowska180 (wjazd od ul. Rybnickiej)
muzyka: room 1 - deep house / tech-house/ minimal techno
room 2 - electro-italo-futuro-darkfloor-disco
start: 21:00
tax: 10/15 PLN

room 1:
- DINKY [Wagon Repair/Vakant/Crosstown Rebels/Cocoon/Panorama Bar | Santiago-Chile]
- MATTHEW STYLES [Crosstown Rebels/Bpitch Control/Horizontal | Berlin-DE]
- Gogan und Turu [www.trippysounds.pl]
- Hi-Max & Strawberry [Octopussy]

- Elektromonter [Elektropunkz/:Plug/Play>]
- Notab [:Plug/Play>]
- 2VV [Elektropunkz/:Plug/Play>]
- Mark Cane [Blended Air]


Don't let the name fool you: Dinky is a powerhouse. Inheritor of the diminutive nickname before she was even born, Alejandra Iglesias has grown her stature the old-fashioned way, with focus and determination and, of course, killer DJ skills and a catalog filled with classic, game-changing tracks. Active since the mid '90s, the international traveler has seen scene after scene try to claim her as their own, but she's never stayed in one place, musically speaking, long enough to get mired in yesterday's ideas. Her restlessness is our gain.

Born and raised in Santiago, Dinky is a leading member of Chile's second generation of electronic-music greats. Like so many of her artistic compatriots, her music reflects both her roots and the experiences of a highly peripatetic lifestyle. Caught up in the musical revolution started by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack and Atom Heart in the early '90s, she taught herself to mix records and was soon appearing at desert raves. It was in New York, where she had moved in the mid '90s to join the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, that Dinky's career began to take off, as she immersed herself in the city's vital underground scene of the day and became a regular behind the decks. In 2000, just 23 years old and armed with only an MPC 2000, she turned out her first productions; within a couple of years she had released a spate of records, ranging from trim, nuanced minimal techno to downcast electro-pop, on Cologne's Traum Schallplatten as well as New York's Sonic Groove and Carpark labels.

In 2003, forced by U.S. immigration laws to leave the country, Dinky lit out for Berlin, a city that had captured her imagination nine years earlier during the heyday of E-Werk and Tresor. It was a good move: by 2005 she would release the massive "Acid In My Fridge" for Sven Väth's Cocoon imprint, and the following year she landed a residency at Väth's infamous Cocoon parties at Ibiza's Amnesia. Both DJing and playing live, Dinky has gone on to become a regular fixture across the continental scene—from Ibiza's Circo Loco to top-draw festivals like Sonar, 10 Days Off and Sonne Mond Sterne—while in Berlin she currently holds the honor of a Panorama Bar residency.

Even if you've never caught Dinky live, you can get a good sense for her unique style from her two mix CDs, 2007's Get Lost 03 (Crosstown Rebels) and 2008's Dinky Mixes Horizontal (P-Vine). Folding phrases with origami grace, they present interwoven percussive grooves flecked with scraps of melody; they're lush and dryly funky, jacking and introspective all at once.

Dinky's own productions work in similar ways. Whether working with samples, software, hardware or some combination of all three, she builds compact, complex worlds out of sound, using only the bare essentials. It's hard to think of another producer who has imbued the principals of minimalism with such soul. Stripped-back grooves do only as much as needed to keep the pulse rippling, while scraps of synths, voices, or sampled who-knows-what flit about like nervous ghosts. Often it's impossible to tell how Dinky has put together her tracks, which seem partly collage, partly the expression of some sentient machine.

The most recent phase of Dinky's production finds her experimenting more than ever. With the launch of her own Horizontal label in 2005, she began moving in the direction of jittery, cut-up house; the label now has 10 releases and counting, featuring not only Dinky's own productions but also records from Matthew Styles, Jambi, Andres Bucci and more. In 2008, Dinky released her third album, May Be Later, and an EP for Berlin's Vakant label, exploring ever more intricate polyrhythms and uncanny timbres. In 2009, fellow expat-in-Berlin Mathew Jonson invited her to join his Wagon Repair label, resulting in the four-track Lydian EP and the full-length Anemik. Having proven time and again that she can pump out tracks for the most demanding dance floors, here she lets her imagination and her fingertips guide her to a more secluded place, using exclusively hardware synths, sequencers and drum machines, and even Fender Telecaster and Rhodes keyboard, as her raw materials. The results range widely in style and mood, but they all come together, crystallizing (and this music is nothing if not crystalline) into a single idea or a single image: something like a sun-dappled clearing in the woods, far from any "proper" nightlife, marked by close friends, good sound and no intrusions from the outside world, where the music is free to roam.


Matthew Styles
[Crosstown Rebels/Bpitch Control/Horizontal | Berlin-DE]

Matthew Styles is a DJ going places. After appearing at some of Europe's finest clubs and acquiring a reputation for legendary after-hours sets, Matthew has been consolidating his talents and sounds with some great new releases on very respected labels and a blossoming DJ career.

Born into a musical family in a small seaside town in the west of England, Matthew caught the DJing bug at a very young age from his father. Thankfully there was a pair of Technics in the house as far back as he can remember and an older friend who introduced him to legends like Tony Humphries, Bobby Konders, Kenny Carpenter & Steve Hurley through mix tapes. Already armed with a large collection of funk, disco &boogie and in addition to the sounds coming from the other-side of the Atlantic it was only a matter of time before Matthew was regularly playing parties.

Holding his first residency at eighteen, Matthew has played some of the finest clubs in the world in the last ten years. From his residencies at the legendary Crosstown Rebels "Slash & Burn" Parties and Berlin's WMF to his now monthly appearances at Berlin's Panorama Bar and regularly featured at Fabric in the UK. With a solid appreciation of what the dance-floor needs and an acute sense of taste Matthew easily transgresses all house music regardless of trends.

Matthew successfully co-ran his own Sunday afterparty "Dig Your Own Rave" at Londons infamous T Bar which regularly hosted Fabric’s Sunday afterparties with guests such as Ricardo Villalobos, Craig Richards, Luciano, Magda, Pier Bucci, Dinky, Shackleton and Baby Ford.

Following his stint as manager at Crosstown Rebels, where he was instrumental in helping Damian Lazarus sign some of the labels best artists, Matthew is now the operating from Berlin where he has lived since 2007.

Productions wise: Matthew released his second mix CD after 2003's critically acclaimed 'See You @ The Party' retrospective for Music For Freaks with Jonny Rock (DJ Magazine "Comp of Issue" Oct 2003). He also compiled and mixed the compilation 'Get Lost' with Damian Lazarus. Released in spring 2006, 'Get Lost' was well received, showcasing the darker side of the Rebel sound and following some earlier remixes for Music For Freaks and Catskills, Matthew’s unique style has really come into it’s own. In Feb 2008, he released his ‘We Said Nothing’ on Diamonds & Pearls which received accolades from a very wide range of DJ’s like Ricardo Villalobos, Marcel Dettmann, Efdemin, Patrice Scott & Dj Hell. It was picked up by Ame for their Fabric mix album and Deetron’s Fuse Club (Belgium) mix. He has also been working together with Berlin stalwart Tobi Neumann and released a remix of Transform’s 1992 proto trance hit ‘Transformation’, which made it to many end of year charts. Matthew also had a second EP for Horizontal 09 called ‘Speculate This’, a new project with Pier Bucci ‘Oblique Strategies’ with their new ‘Volatile’ EP being released on Diamonds & Pearls’ sub label Ballad Inc. If that wasn’t enough he has a new project soon out on Rekids called ‘Worst Case Scenario’ EP and has been remixing Luc Ringeisen (Vinyl Club), Luke Solomon - People Places (Rekids), as well as future singles and remixes in the pipeline with Dinky

For Diamonds & Pearls, Crosstown Rebels & Horizontal!!

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Dołączył: 23 Wrz 2008
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PostWysłany: 13-05-2010 22:15    Temat postu: Odpowiedz z cytatem

Dinky + Matthew Styles już w tą sobotę! Zapraszamy!
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